Step 5

Create the circle

If undertaken comprehensively, a virtuous circle for internal communication value is created. Regular reporting will generate a balanced set of value indicators and outcomes that are aligned to the business strategy.


Once in place, this framework will be efficient to maintain and flexible enough to accommodate desired changes in organisational objectives and structure. The value framework takes account of the organisation’s strategic objectives which in turn naturally encourage clarity of purpose across the entire workforce. As well as being strategically aligned, all internal communication operations are more accountable. Limited time and resources are channeled in the right places to maximise effort.


Figure 11: Virtuous circle for Internal Communication value

Ashby (2005)


Regularly demonstrating value-based activities builds internal credibility and perceived importance. Internal communication begins to take a central position at the heart of the organisation. The framework provides a platform for internal communication professionals to review and enhance their performance against the changing needs of the organisation. This process of continual improvement completes the virtuous circle.


The Five Step Value Framework presented in this book has genuine and valuable   applications in the field of internal communication. All too often professional communicators overlook the best ways to communicate what they do and then wonder why greater support from management is not forthcoming.


If the discipline of internal communication is to develop further then its exponents need to establish a flexible model from which to measure and demonstrate their worth to the rest of the organisation. The Five Step Value Framework offers a practical and balanced approach to achieving this.